What are some indications that sales training might be needed?

Clients come to us for help when:

  • Reaching funding milestones
  • Launching new products
  • Changing leadership
  • Hiring a lot of salespeople
  • Merger or acquisition has occurred
  • Market shifts have occurred
  • Team performance is poor
  • Competition is winning
  • Margins are slipping
  • Trying to move up-market
  • Wanting to maintain momentum
How much does sales training cost?

According to research from the Association for Talent Development, in 2019, organizations spent an average of $2,326 per sales professional on training. However, the cost of sales training varies greatly; factors like team size, program scope, delivery, a company's desire to build vs. buy are essential to the total investment.

ClozeLoop partners with your leadership team to create opportunities to maximize ROI through hybrid training (pre-work on-demand, and live sessions), reinforcement workbooks, tools, materials, and train-the-trainer courses so that the sales training relationship is truly a retained investment instead of an event expense.

Our customer success team is the best in the business with results to match.

Does sales training increase revenue?

Apart from raising prices, sales training is one of the most effective means of increasing revenue quickly.  While other factors may contribute to the overall revenue equation (see ClozeLoop's Sales Effectiveness Assessment) sales training has been proven over and over to have an immediate impact on deal velocity, deal size, and deal volume.  They key is to ensure that the training program matches the goals of the organization and the internal sales process.

Why is sales training important?

Sales training is important for individuals and teams of all sizes to:

  • hire with the knowledge that you can ramp quickly and effectively
  • close skill gaps and raise the bar of performance
  • create repeatable, scalable, predictable process and results
  • develop common language and evaluative criteria
  • improve the buyers journey experience through internal customer onboarding
  • energize and motivate sales teams
  • continue to be competitive as markets shift
  • create significant competitive advantage
  • retain, promote, and develop professionals and leaders
What is a sales training program

Sales training programs are high-impact, practical, professional development initiatives for individual contributors, teams, and management. ClozeLoop training is framework and system based which allows one course to build upon another for accelerated mastery and fast results. From coaching and management courses for improving performance to the specific tactics necessary to close more deals, the tools are here.

I'm not sure which course is right for me. Can you help?

Absolutely! Busy professionals want tailored results quickly. Start with the Sales Growth Assessment and find out where you have strong skills that you can reinforce, and where you may have opportunities for growth to impact your success. The assessment only takes 20 minutes to complete online and the ClozeLoop University Team will get your score back to you within 24 hours along with a learning path specifically for you.  And it's FREE!

I need training for my sales team, do you offer packages for teams?

We work with hundreds of companies who use ClozeLoop University as their resource for sales team training. We offer on-demand, virtual live training, or train-the-trainer programs to fit your budget and performance goals. One size does not fit all, so an account executive is assigned to each company partner to ensure your success and to create a curriculum for each role. Start a conversation today by booking a call here.

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