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ClozeLoop University delivers B2B professional sales training that is the most engaging, powerful,
and results-driven virtual sales training available. Period.

What to Expect

ClozeLoop’s online courses  are designed to help sales teams who are struggling to hit their revenue goals today, are anxious about achieving revenue targets, or are concerned that top sellers will leave without additional professional development opportunities. The online courses equip salespeople with the knowledge and skills they need to find success in sales.

Self-Paced Learning

Our program has learners start with online training so they can learn the fundamentals at their own pace.

Tailored Frameworks

We customize our frameworks and methodologies to your organization, your goals, and your market variables for team courses.

Modern Adult Learning Theory

We ensure adoption, reinforcement and your ultimate ownership of all programs resulting in huge revenue impact.

Featured Courses

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Looking for coaching?

We support your ongoing learning development and mastery in interactive, high-energy, role-relevant 90-minute bi-weekly sessions. Apply now to join the Winner's Circle - Triangle Selling Program.

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Our Independent Reviews

"Within my first weeks of starting a new sales role, I have received numerous compliments from Sales leadership regarding my discovery skills. I have also felt a change in my sales personality - no longer am I rushing my prospects, running in 10th gear. Instead, I feel more in control of my conversations and can comfortably maneuver in 2nd gear...."

Ryan W. BDR

Our Independent Reviews

"Clozeloop uses a mixture of online learning and in-person (Zoom) sessions that helped my team become more confident in their outreach, follow-up and understanding of basic and advanced sales principles. Their online modules are engaging, interactive and extremely high quality, and the trainer for our in-person sessions, Ned, had an incredible command of the material, as well as the actual experience that should be required to train sales reps.."

Jeffrey C. Sales Development Mentor

Our Independent Reviews

"Very interactive, great use of different frameworks for different stages of the sales process, nice strategic approach to ensure efforts are directed to the areas where we will get the most return. Handy resources that we can use to ensure the training is adopted as part of our ongoing sales process"

Catriona A. Global Inside Sales Manager

Our Independent Reviews

"The Triangle Selling course with ClozeLoop University is unlike any sales training course. I've studied Sandler, Grant Cardone, Straightline Selling, NEPQ (and many, many others) over the last 20-years, and Triangle Selling has been (by far) the best in terms of putting the sales process altogether."

Todd M W. SDR - Cold Calling Specialist

Our Independent Reviews

"Their training delivery methods are phenomenal. I have coached sales teams for years and could never deliver or develop the content and playbooks they did via triangle selling"

Karl F. President

Our Independent Reviews

"The systemization. Whether you are a natural salesperson or not, the way that ClozeLoop breaks down the sales process and teaches you to communicate with prospects is invaluable. It can be added on top of any existing sales system, but I just use it out of the box and have seen close rates jump from 15-20% a month to over 40%..."

Dan B. Director of Business Development